Rt 17 Median Maintenance 6/25/2019 Tues @ 7p

Date: June 25th, Tuesday
Time: 7:00 pm (let’s try summer evening gardening!)
Location: Rt 17 & Main Street, South Median Garden. Please park in the drive to the Shipman Nursery off Buttonball. Grab an orange safety vest on your way across the street.
Chores: Pruning, deadheading, weeding.
Tools: gloves, hand clippers, weed digger, tarp or bucket, personal water.

This wonderful photo was taken June 8th. There’s much change in the gardens since then. By next week we will need to deadhead the roses, weed a bit, and prune the forsythia. We will plan to rotate the volunteers around the tasks so everyone has a chance to experience something new if they like. I actually like weeding.  You may know that forsythia blooms on the previous year’s growth. We need to prune those bushes down to a manageable size so that they can produce a lovely, compact bloom next spring. Gary and I will show you how.

My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone; none of this happens without a terrific team of volunteers. Be proud of our lovely gardens. This is how we keep Glastonbury beautiful!

Please RSVP to Andra: a.asars@sbcglobal.net.