2022 Summer Maintenance help needed

  • Summer Maintenance  for all the gardens and planters – GPIP still needs some help throughout the Summer to assist with deadheading, weeding and/or watering. Most activities take about an hour. Please share an hour of your summer, contact the project chairs to see what is needed and when:
    • Town Center Planters:  Doreen 860.659.2230 doreen.doyle@cox.net
    • South Glastonbury Planters: Rusti 860.633.7752 susan.e.dixon@sbcglobal.net
    • Village Green Planters: Ruth 860.884.3425  rjgem1974@aol.com
    • Buckingham Gardens: Cheryl 860.633.8742 thanley7@aol.com
    • Salmon Brook Gardens (two): Bobbie  860.633.4950   bobbiewasdo@hotmail.com
    • Welles Shipman Ward Kitchen Garden:  Jen   413.773.9304   jengarden93@gmail.com
    • Educational Garden: Andrea 860.9186163 andreaosboldeston@gmail.com