10/3/2022 – GPIP Annual Meeting & Education Presentation

Starting at 6:15pm There will be a social hour to enjoy a picnic type dinner and volunteer sign-up for Fall & Winter gardening work dates. At 7:00pm we will hold a brief business meeting that includes the Annual Voting of Directors followed by a conversation with our guest speaker, Travis Stewart, on “Backyard Gardening – You can do it too” – growing your food is good for you in more ways than one.

Travis Stewart is a Hartford resident and a self-proclaimed backyard gardener.  He found his passion 5 years ago and has enthusiastically pursued his interest evolving his backyard operation to its current state which includes several raised vegetable garden beds, a hydroponic growing system and an aquaponic system for raising tilapia.  He also raises chickens for their eggs and meat, and he raises rabbits.  Travis has been able to continually grow his backyard garden by leveraging community resources, doing individual research, and trial and error!  There are no failures only opportunities to learn and grow.  You don’t need a lot of space; you just need the desire.  “You can do it too!”

The Public is invited and encouraged to attend every part of this event.